This information comes in the form of infinite vibrations of all kinds. Light, sound, temperature, electricity, magnetism, etc. We perceive just a little bit of the wave spectrum of light, between ultraviolet and infrared. Of the same sound. We survive 37 body degrees, if it increases or decreases two or three degrees we will be in serious trouble. There is much more heat and cold than we imagine. And so with all the existing vibrations that we know and do not know that they have very wide frequency waves and that affect us a lot without knowing or perceiving. These different expressions of the universe in the form of subtle and dense frequencies, move and manifest in countless fields and dimensions.

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We perceive only a millionth of the information to which we are exposed. Furthermore, that miserable part that we perceive is totally deformed by a whole host of psychological patterns programmed into our being via education and culture.
"We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are." This is a quote attributable to Krishnamurti, Maturana, Lipton, and even Buddha. Our social education deforms the way we see what IS. And what happens? That instead of SEEING Reality, we crash into it. This is the origin of suffering.


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Our body also exists just like those vibrations, with subtle parts and dense parts; Astral body, physical, mental, emotional, etc. Ancient mystics of India defined these eternal vibrations as manifestations of the great primary vibration of all, the OM. And they developed a deep and scientific study of the evolution of souls, pouring all that knowledge into ancient books called Upanishads. Thanks to the Upanishads today this information is available under wonderful titles such as Yoga, Chakras, Meditation, Mantras, Kundalini, Tantra and so many others that emanate from this same Infinite Source.


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Our body contains a subtle, electromagnetic part called in the West, and another dense, the physical body. According to these mystical sages, this subtle part would be related to the dense part through energy vortices that they called Chakras. According to them, if we knew these energy centers, cared for them and empowered them, we would be able to obtain a tremendous tool to perfect our path to the Awakening of Perception, increasing this poor millionth perceptual part of every human asleep by social conditioning.


This increase in the ability to perceive would be achieved only if the student's organism raised its vibration to extremely high levels, so high that it would begin to generate light, and that light, impossible to be contained by matter at such speed, would begin to emanate from the Disciple, enlightening, achieving his seventh Sahasrara Chakra being flooded by a strong and powerful Kundalini, overflowing with Prana, connecting with the entire Universe, entering Yoga, Unity and Consciousness.


In short, LOVE.

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This Auto-Workshop has an annual format, with sessions of 45 minutes approx. biweekly. In essence, it is spiritual technological information to awaken and help you develop as fully and naturally as you were potentially created.

Find yourself with this large and vigorous source of perceptual power, in an environment designed for it, taking care of every detail so that you can fully dedicate yourself. The AutoTaller offers you to go beyond rigid cognitive structures, to help you experience Mindfulness, Devotional Gratitude and Spiritual Totality.

An Auto-Workshop in which you will make an experiential tour of each Chakra. Each session will be activated in empathetic correspondence by a specific Osho Meditation of the Chakra. Meditation becomes a technique that allows you to rise above the chatter and chaos of the mind, and thus experience inner understanding, fulfillment, wonder and deep joy for life.



Never before has the Awakening of your Consciousness been so close to your hand.

This Auto-Workshop will help you to know and conserve your precious Vital Energy. Being pragmatic, he is far from any spiritual fad and from magical or superstitious ideas that it is enough to have a good intention to be a better person. You can only be the best of yourself working for it.




- Full Access to the Private Study Group.

- Access to Classes (Videos).

- Access to All Meditations.

- Access to Material (Audios, Videos, Images).

- Guided Advice *.

- And much more!

$45 USD

* The renewal is automatic and considers its normal value specified in $ 45 USD.

* General and public guided advice. This means non-personalized. For a Personalized Advice a separate time is requested and it has an extra cost to any subscription.